How to NOT FAIL at your New Year’s Resolution – 5 simple tips

Happy New Year everyone!!


I hope you all had a restful break over Christmas and a cracker of a start to 2019!

It is this time of the year that we all start to set some goals for the year, also known as the New Year’s resolution. And often, these goals are health-related, whether it be to eat better, lose weight, or exercise every day.


But here’s the thing: up to 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by February ????

I know I know, such a pessimistic way to start the year. Nonetheless, the number don’t lie!


Like many of you, I set out goals for the year, but seldom achieve everything on the list. But why? Why do we bother listing all our the things we want to achieve, knowing that MOST of what we write down on that piece of paper is an absolute waste of time?

Are we all so lazy and wishy-washy that we can’t keep our own word for a month after the new year rolls over?

Perhaps we are, and we should all give up on our promises and resign from any plans for self-development…


Ooooorrrrrrr, maybe there is a problem in the process of goal-settings!


Growth is not easy. It requires you to take a leap from your comfort zone straight into the discomfort zone. This goes against our survival instincts.

But if we apply the same techniques used for quitting smoking? Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to overcome, and so the strategies used to going smoke-free are very useful in other situations where we need to break our habits!


So, here are 5 tips for you to achieve all your new year’s resolutions this year:


1) BE CLEAR – What is your motivation behind your goals? List all the reasons why you want to achieve your resolutions, write them down on a piece of paper and review them every day. Having multiple copies put in places where you are most likely to see it every day (such as your fridge door, dashboard of your car, work space) will help remind and re-emphasize why you are doing this!


2) SET DATES – Set specific dates from the start to the end. Do this within the next 2 weeks so that you have the time to prepare without losing your motivation. It would be helpful to set the dates on your phone/laptop so that it can remind you on daily basis.


3) TELL OTHERS – Remember to tell at least 10 friends, family and co-workers about it and ask for support and encouragement throughout this time. Announcing it on social media can help but sometimes it is better to tell your loved-ones face-to-face who will also hold you accountable. Having a “quit buddy” can also increase you and buddy’s success rate by allowing both parties to share the difficulties and success stories.


4) SET UP A VISION BOARD – Vision boards are fun to create and also helps you to visualize your goals every day. Write on them, draw on them, stick images on, do whatever you please. Then make sure to stand in front of the vision board at least once a day. Imagine achieving those goals with all 5 senses; the smell, touch, taste, sounds, and sight. Let the law of attraction work in your favour!


5) TREAT YOURSELF – Reward yourself regularly for the commitments you have made! Set up small rewards along the way to keep you motivated. Enjoying your successes and sharing your achievements with your loved ones can really make your hard work worthwhile.


There you have it. 5 simple tips so that you can have the most amazing year, achieving all your new year’s goals!


Wishing you a fantastic year ahead ????

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