Episode 1 – What is Ripple Podcast all about?

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Ripple Podcast!

In this episode, I will be introducing myself as the host of this podcast, what Naturopathy is, and how I became a Qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.

You see, my passion for natural medicine being a patient myself. I suffered from chronic eczema which forced me to quit my job and become bed ridden for 4-5 months. After multiple visits to the GP and the dermatologist, I was ready to give up. But it was an encounter with a naturopath that changed my life. It opened up the world of natural medicine, and I was blessed to meet all sorts of alternative health practitioners along my healing journey. I am now virtually Eczema free.

As a practitioner, I believe that such knowledge and wisdom about natural medicine should not be limited only to those patients who comes to visit my clinic. I also believe that integrative medicine is the future, where practitioners from all fields of medicine works together as a team to provide patient centred care. The best care that you deserve.

This is why I started the Ripple podcast, and I will continue to post more and more podcasts so that you get the information that may be able to change your life, as it did for me.

So please enjoy the first episode, and keep your eyes peeled for the episodes to come!


Kohei Iguchi

Qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Advanced Hemaview Practitioner.

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